Northwest Safety and Firearms Education (NWSAFE) is a group of volunteer firearms instructors dedicated to introducing novice shooters to the shooting sports as well as familiarizing adults with techniques for staying safe in their daily lives.

Some of the instructors start with the NRA Basic and FIRST Steps courses and add in their diverse experience and backgrounds to hopes of motivating shooters to be safe and accomplished. Other instructors are more focused on safety, awareness, and caring for basic needs.

NWSAFE focuses on relatively small class sizes and more individual instruction to help people get the best start with firearms. Most classes with shooting have no more than two students per coach.

Where to Start

I want to know about basic protection

Need some pointers on staying safe? Ever wonder what your options were for being more aware on the street, at home, or in the car? Do you need to discover what threats are out there and what tools and techniques are available to counter them? The Refuse to be a Victim seminar may be just what you need. This class typically costs less than $20.

I've never touched a gun before

Have you never shot a gun before and you just want to see what they are all about? Do family members own guns in your household and you aren't really sure about how safe they are? The beginning for many people is the NRA Home Firearm Safety course. In this four hour course you will learn facts about firearms, how to safely clean and store them, and most importantly the three powerful rules of safe gun handling. There is no shooting in the class, but you will learn a great deal about guns, and our students think it is a lot of fun.

I just got a new gun

Maybe you've shot a little but never taken a class. Maybe you are getting a brand new gun and you want the family to know how to use it. Maybe you'd just like a short class to touch up on the fundamentals. If so, then a FIRST Steps class is the right thing for you. We have several instructors who can teach NRA FIRST Steps Pistol, for example, butshotgun and rifle are also available. This class is very affordable and includes ammunition and loaner guns.

I want to improve my skills

It's time to do a skill builder. Perhaps you are interested in getting involved in the shooting sports, but you haven't really had formal training. The NRA's basic courses are where you should start. Pistol, shotgun and rifle are all available. A basic course typically takes a full day, but can be broken into several days. Students will most often bring their own guns and ammunition but the instructors will provide an opportunity to learn about many other types and models.

I want to protect my home

You've become a reasonably practiced pistol shooter and you want to examine your plans, options, and techniques for protecting your home and family with your handgun. It's time for the intensive NRA Personal Protection in the Home course. This is often accomplished over more than one day. Material includes unusual shooting positions, a discussion of the law with regard to firearms, guidance on plans and options, and a thorough discussion of the defensive use of the firearm.

I want to help with safety at my range

You are an experienced firearms enthusiast that wants to help keep order on your range. Perhaps it's time to become a Range Safety Officer. NWSAFE normally offers this course quarterly.

I want to teach other people

You are an accomplished shooter, good public speaker, have infectious enthusiasm and you want to share your love of safe firearms use with others. It's time to become an NRA-certified instructor! From time to time the team offers instructor training. Watch the schedule for an upcoming ITC for Instructor workshops!


At this time we do not have published schedule on this site. You may check the following locations for class schedules:

Douglas Ridge Rifle Club Classes

Utah CHL Class Schedule at GunSmart Firearms Training, LLC.

NRA Course Search for your area

Practice Target

The NWSAFE practice target can be downloaded here (now in PDF format).

This target was designed to be a simulation of a paper plate with faint scoring zones and places to document your improved shooting.

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